Generating the Class Download Report

The Class Download Report is an Excel (.xlxs) formatted report that contains the students information by class. It can be converted into a table so you can easily sort and/or search on any of the columns. The Class Download Report contains fields such as the Level, Teacher, Name, Family's Contact Information, Comments, and more! To generate the Class Download Report, do the following:

Click on Religious Ed via the top navigation bar and select  Class Maintenance.
Put a check mark next to any classes you would like to include in the report. If you do not put a check mark next to anything, ALL classes will be in the report.

Click Download and the following pop-up box will appear. If you plan on edit/reformatting the file, or changing it into a table ensure the file format is (*.xlxs) by clicking on the down arrow.  You change the file name by selecting reclasses and typing in the new file name. Click Download.

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