Is there a way to send the Annual Statement to the family by email?

1.  Parishioner calls you for a statement, scroll to Families > Family Search > locate and open the family record > Reports and you have 2 PDF options.  Annual Statements - Detailed or Annual Statement - Summarized.

2.  Put in the date range for the calendar year and the statement will be generated in PDF.  It will be in your downloads folder on your computer

3.  While still in the family record click the Email button.

4.  When the Email button appears, enter the subject - Parish Annual Statement for example, and a message in the body.

5.  Click on the Choose File button, browse to your downloads folder.  Click on the modified data column until sorted in descending order, that will put the statement pdf at the top of the list.  Select the file.

6.  Press the Send button and you're done!

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