Using Fund Attributes To Specify That An Entire Fund is Non-Deductible

If you would like to specify that an entire fund is Non-Deductible you can create an attribute within the fund.  When generating the annual statements using one of the PDF statement options the statement will not included any contributions from within this fund.

Creating the Attribute

1.  Click open the fund that you would like to mark as Non-Deductible and scroll to the attributes tab.

2.  Click on Add Attribute and the Create Fund Attribute pop-up box will appear.  Fill in the fields as shown below.  THE FIELDS MUST BE EXACTLY LIKE THIS TO BE SKIPPED DURING ANNUAL STATEMENT GENERATION.  Click Save.

3.  The screenshots below show an example of the PDF detailed statement prior to adding the attribute to the fund Mass Intentions and after adding the attribute to the same fund.  

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