eCatholic Family Registration Module

GabrielSoft customers using an eCatholic website can utilize the the Family Registration Module to automatically import new family member registrations. Once added to your website, the Family Registration Module appears as a form with pre-defined fields that collect the necessary registration information. 

How to add the Family Registration Module

  1. If not already synced, connect your eCatholic website and GabrielSoft account (view instructions here), as this module will only appear once your technologies are integrated. 
  2. Click the +Add Content button in your page toolbar. The Family Registration Module is located within the Core Modules tab (pictured below).

  3. Drag-and-drop the module on to your website (pictured below).

  4. Click the green Publish button to save your changes.

Are there notifications available for new form submissions?

Yes, notifications of new form submissions may be sent to multiple email addresses. To add an email address to receive alerts of new registrations, click on the gear icon in the top right corner of the module to open the Registration Settings (pictured below). Then, add in your email addresses under Alert Email Address. Emails that are listed in this field will receive alerts when new submissions have been completed.

How can I find new submission in my GabrielSoft database?

When a new submission is sent through the  Family Registration Module, a new Family Record is automatically added into GabrielSoft. A "thank you for registering" email is automatically sent to the family who registered and the Parish Administrator.

After a Parish Administrator has received a new family registration email, they can search for the new family in the GabrielSoft database. To find the new registrants, navigate to your blue toolbar and twirl down the  Families tab and select Family Explorer. In the Status column, click Select and choose New. Your Family Explorer view will filter to show only Family Records with a status of New Register, including those new submissions from the Family Registration Module.

Filtering Family Explorer to show only Family Records with a Status of New

Once the new family is reviewed and activated by the Parish Administrator one of the following can be done. The family can be invited to the member portal where they can update certain fields in the family record.  (e.g. add members and their contact information, etc.) or a follow-up welcome email can be sent to the family with a full census form attached to the email.

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