Email Exception Report

The Email Exception Report accepts a date range and produces a list of all email exceptions (undeliverable, deferred, unsubscribes, bounced) for all emails being sent from your Gabriel database. 

This report only generates exceptions. It does not include positive events such as the number of read receipts and/or deliveries.

Scroll to Reports > Report Library > Audits and click on Email Exception Report and you will be presented with the following screen where you want to select your church.  The From Date defaults to show you todays activity. The To Date should be entered as tomorrow.  This represents a whole day.  Click Run

Below is a snippet of a sample report.

By clicking on the Printer icon you can print a PDF version of the report.  You can also click on the disk and download a PDF, Excel or Word document that you can save and edit on your computer. These downloads have the same functionality as any PDF, Excel or Word document.

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