How do we prevent a duplicate family record from occurring?

Part of maintaining the integrity and accuracy of your database is to ensure that you do not create duplicate Family Records and/or Member records.  Prior to adding a new family to the database we recommend that the user search across the entire database on All Statuses as well as All Languages, All Parishioners.  This will pull up all family records that currently exist on a particular family that you searched for.  If the family currently exists edit this family record as needed.  For example, update the Family Status, contact information, add new members.  If the family does not currently have a record in the database then add the new family.  

If you belong to a cluster/collaborative and/or your church is part of a Diocesan initiative the searches should be done at that level by selecting My Churches or All Parishes on the Family Search form.  If the family does not exist in your church but exists in another church then you can add them to your church by using the Add to Church function under the churches tab.  If the family does not exist at all then add the new family.  

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