Generating the Class List Report

The Class List Report is a PDF formatted report that contains the students information by class. The Class List Report contains Session Dates, Class Room, Class Description and Teacher. It also contains the students name, any comments entered when you added them to the class, and the family's contact information. The students information is pulled from their Member Record, and the family information is pulled from their Family Record. To generate the Class List Report do the following:

Click on Religious Ed via the top navigation bar and select  Class Maintenance.
Put a check mark next to any classes you would like to be in the report. If you do not put a check mark next to anything, ALL classes will be in the report.

Click on  Reports via the top navigation bar and select Class List. When you click on  Class List the following pop-up box will appear. Click  Print. The Class List report(s) will appear in your tray at the bottom of the screen. 

Note: By using a standard format to write student comments, your Class List will be concise and easy to read.

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