How to enter Member Sacrament Records

Open the Member Record through Family Search or Member Search ( Using Family and Member Search ).  Once the Member Record is open click on the Sacraments Tab.  Choose Add and a drop-down will list the sacraments you can add.  Choose your Sacrament and a Pop-Up box will appear where you will add the sacrament information. Click Save.

Note:  When adding Location you can add up to 80 characters (including spacing and special characters) in this field.  We suggest using the Name of the Church, town and state.  St Mark Church Attleboro MA.

Tip:  When adding sacraments to the database be sure to add the Book Information.  This will identify exactly where you have recorded the sacraments if you need to the look them up quickly in the registers. 

For information on generating a sacrament report refer to this solution article.  (Sacrament Report)

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