How to enter Member Sacrament Records

You can enter a Member's sacrament records by doing the steps below:


Click on  Families via the top navigation bar and select Member Search.


Locate and open up the member's record, then click on the Sacraments tab. Click Add and select the appropriate sacrament from the dropdown that appears. 


A pop-up will appear when you select a sacrament. Any information you choose to include when adding a sacrament is optional, but we encourage you to add whatever information you have. Remember to click Save.

Note: The church name and address can be placed in the Location field when entering any of the sacraments. When printing sacrament certificates this entire field will show. When adding Location you can add up to 80 characters, including spacing and special characters. The example below illustrates how this may look when you open a member's Sacrament tab. 

When adding sacraments to the database, it's really helpful to include the Book Information. This will identify exactly where you have recorded the sacraments if you need to the look them up quickly in the registers.

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