How To Generate the .csv WeShare Export File for Importing Contributions

IMPORTANT!  Prior to importing any funds into Gabriel through the Import Contributions function or through the Integration you will want to login to your WeShare dashboard and make sure each fund that you have on your WeShare page has a unique external system fund ID#'s.Setting Up WeShare Funds

Once you update your funds on the WeShare side with unique external system fund ID#'s and you you choose to import contributions using the Import Contributions function you will need to change the file format that is generated and exported from WeShare.  Using another file format will result in an error when you try to import your file into Gabriel. 

The very first step is to go into your WeShare (LPI) account and log-in.  Click on the New Admin Tab. Select Settings and then Export.  Next, check the Enable Export box and the Enable Contribution Cash Basis Export box.  In the drop-down menu, select the WeShare Cash Basis CSV Export Format as this is the report format that Gabriel is mapped to.

Once you change the settings you can export the report from WeShare.  Navigate to Dashboard > Reports > Then select Financial Exports in the dropdown for Report Type.

You will have to bring the screen up-to-date (this date would be the last month-end date you did your last export or final bank business date of the month).  You can only set the end date to ensure zero duplication will be made between report pulls into Gabriel.  

You might set the date to 12/31/2019 as the end date (if it is a M-F bank business date) and hit create period.  Now you are ready to begin the new year.  The next date you will enter will be 1/31/2020 and hit create period. Once you hit create period the report will be generated and appear in the screen below the orange create period button and has the end date of 1/31/2020 (the contributions are for the month of January 2020).  If there is financial activity during the timeframe you must click on the Export Closing Period icon under the Action Column. Once it is clicked,  there are 3 choices of report formats to choose from.  You want to select the third one down, WeShare Cash Basis Export CSV Export. When you click on that a box will open and ask you to open or save the file.  Choose Save. This report will save into your download file.  Now you are ready to import your contributions into Gabriel.

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