Fund Maintenance Attributes

Fund Maintenance Attributes

Created by: Joanna Clausen

Modified on: Mon, Feb 8, 2021 at 11:29 AM

Fund Attributes are defined by System and are used to facilitate integration of Gabriel data to other systems.  For example, Gabriel uses Attributes for its integration with Sage Intacct accounting.  Sage Intacct has General Ledger codes called dimensions.  These dimensions can be assigned to a Gabriel Fund via an attribute with a system type of Sage, attribute type of Dimension.  The values are automatically populated via the integration.  For more information on our Sage integration or other integrations using Fund Attributes visit our Freshdesk support articles by system. Setting Up The Integration With sage Intacct

Fund Attributes defined with a system of GABRIEL can help to classify your funds into categories. Values are then assigned to the attribute type to classify the fund within the attribute. The attributes and values can be a set of standardized descriptions that are defined at the Diocesan level or the parish level and are used to facilitate reporting at both the diocese and parish levels.   For full instructions and examples of how you can use this function please click on the attachment. 


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