Gabriel Stripe Online Giving

Gabriel Stripe Online Giving

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Modified on: Wed, May 27, 2020 at 4:40 PM

If you need a quick way to set your church up with some basic online giving functionality Gabriel offers Stripe within our application.  There are instructions below for the church as well as the parishioner that you can post on your website and send as an attachment to all your parishioners.  If you need help or have any questions please contact Customer Support at 774-203-9480. For the fees please click on this link Stripe Pricing

 Additional information as to how Gabriel links donations to the Family.

Donations linked to families via the email address

When a donation is made via the Gabriel online form and the user fills in their email and credit card information, the integration will take the email address used and look for it in the Gabriel Families table.

If Gabriel finds the email, it adds the contribution information to that family.  If it does not find the email in the family table it will add a new family to the family table with the email used along with the last name of Anonymous, the first name of Anonymous, and the status of New/New Register.

Parishes with Existing Family Data

If you have family data in Gabriel and an Anonymous Family record is created, it could be one of your current families that is using an email during checkout that is not in your data.  We recommend sending an email from the new family record within Gabriel thanking them for their donation and that our system was unable to find your family record and would they consider providing name, address, and telephone information so the donation can be properly credited.

If you are able to determine that the family email belongs to an existing family, Gabriel recommends updating the family or member email field with the email used when making the contribution.  Once you update the current Family and/or Member Record with the email they used to make the Stripe donation the contribution will be posted to the correct family when Gabriel performs its daily Stripe sweep.  This will ensure that when the family makes another donation it will be credited to the family.

If you are unable to determine who the family is then your parish can decide if they wish to delete the New Register or keep it in your database for an extended amount of time.  

For Parishes that do not have Existing Family Data

You may suggest on your website that prior to folks making a donation that they Register first using the Gabriel New Family Registration form and then make their donation.  This simple form captures name, address, phone, and email.  This will allow Gabriel to match the email from the donation and find it in the family's table.

You can find the link to your parish online registration form with the Gabriel application under the Administrative Menu, Church Maintenance form.  You will see the section Online Family Registration.  Click on the link and your browser will open to the form.  Copy the URL in the address bar and place this URL on your website.  See the screen print below.



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