Batch Contribution Entry

Batch Contribution Entry

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This article is also available via a 4 min video which provides more details on the process. Video: Batch Contribution Entry

Creating A New Batch

1.    Scroll to  Fundraising >Batch Contributions.  From there you will be able to see the Unposted Batches and Posted Batches tabs.  To start a new batch click the New Batch link. 

2.    On the  Batch Information tab, you will need to fill in the following fields. 

  • When you click on the down arrow you can select a single fund or choose the (Multiple) fund option that will allow you to enter the batch for multiple funds.  
  • Enter a date for your batch.  Churches may tie this date to the day of the Mass, date deposit was made or even the date you are entering the batch.  
  • In the Service field, you can tie your batch transactions to a specific mass/service.  To learn how to create your service options please click on this link ( Creating Mass Schedule
  • The Description field is optional.
  • You may select the Control Information based on your internal church procedures or your Diocese may have defined what controls they would like you to follow.  You have 3 options.  You can then enter None, Amounts Only (enter a total $ amount for the batch) or Standard (enter a total $ amount for the batch and the total number of transactions).  in the control total amount of the batch.  If you choose to set a control your actuals will have to equal to the values you defined when you created your batch.  If they do not equal each other then you will not be able to Post your batch.
  • Click Create located at the bottom of the screen.

    To enter transactions, click on the  Contributions tab.  In the Family Name field, you can begin to a Budget/Envelope Number or the Last Name.  As you type in letters/numbers a list of families will begin to appear. If it is the first family listed you only need to hit tab and it will select the first name in the list.  Otherwise, select the correct family and tab to the Amount field.  Enter the amount.  If the contribution is Non-Deductible then check the Non-Deductible flag. Contributions with this flag checked will not be included in Annual Year-End Statements.
    You will notice the Save button next to the amount field. It has a drop-down menu associated with it.  If you click on it you can Show/Hide Comments or Post.  Two optional fields called Reference and Comments will appear.  These fields can be used for check numbers and notes related to the transaction. ( Contributions - Record Check Numbers and Comments)

When you are done entering transactions you are ready to  Post.  If your control totals match and you are ready to post you can select Post from the Save dropdown menu.  The PostBatch screen will appear to confirm your intention to post. Hit the Post button to complete.

When you are in a batch (posted or unposted) a  Download link will appear above.  Clicking this Download button will allow you to download the transactions.  This .csv report can be your Posting Reconciliation Report.

Note:  If after Posting your batch you find that you made an error you can reopen the batch by going to Fundraising > Batch Contributions > Posted Batches tab > click on the batch number to open.  When you are in the Batch Information tab click Unpost. Make any necessary corrections and Post.  

Cloning A Batch

Sometimes a parish might have a group of donations that occur every week or monthly.  For instructions on how to  Clone a batch please click on this link.  ( Contribution Batch Cloning )

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