How to Invite Parishioners to the Member Portal

The process of inviting your parishioners to the Member Portal is quick and easy.  It's a great tool that saves time for the parish office and can help to create an engaged community. We know at times it is difficult to get the community to respond to new ways of doing parish business so it may be beneficial to do some preliminary work prior to inviting them into the member portal.  

Some suggested steps prior to sending the invite are:

Update your website to include the following videos ( Registering For The Member Portal and  Member Portal on a Small Device) that explain how to create a login credentials, what the parishioner can expect to view and what data fields they can enter/edit when they log-in to the member portal.  The second video listed explains how to access the Member Portal from portable devices.
Another suggestion might be to put a blurb in the bulletin letting the members know the benefits of using the member portal and ask your pastor to speak about the upcoming Member Portal Invite.  It's a good opportunity to explain to parishioners that they will not receive the invite unless the parish office has their email. Families need a valid email in order for them to log in to the member portal.

To invite your parishioners to the member portal:
Scroll to  Families >  Family Search. Press Reset so that you are sure you have only active families in the list.  Now go to the families menu and select  Families >  Invite Families

The following popup screen will appear. The subject line will include the name of your Parish which is pulled from the name you had originally entered under  Administrative >  Church Maintenance.  The body of the letter can be edited and personalized.  
Note:  Please take caution when changing the letter.  You do not want to change any of the fields in brackets. 
Tip:  Add the URL for the training video  Registering For The Member Portal to the member portal invite. 
Tip:  Prior to pressing the Send button, it is a good idea to save your custom letter in a word document so you can copy, paste and use it again in future invites.  
For parishioners with emails, they will receive the following message (or the personalized message that you create) and within the body of the letter, each parishioner will receive a unique link that is tied to their Family Record ID.   
Tip:  This link expires in 10 days If the link has expired do not resend the original link.  Send the family a new member portal invite.  While in a family go up to the families menu and select  Families > Invite Families.   An invitation will only be sent to the current family that you are viewing.  
No further action is needed by the Administrator.  As long as the member clicks on the invitation and completes the registration they will have access to their family information. Member Portal access is automatically assigned to login credentials created using the member portal invite.  
Note:  If a family has already accepted an invitation they will not be sent another invitation. The system recognizes that their email is already a registered user and won't send any subsequent invitations that are sent.  Feel free to re-invite all active families periodically.

If the Member Portal invite was sent to an email that is used to access your Gabriel database you will not be able to access the Member Portal and the Gabriel database with the same email. Security access levels differ for employee access and member portal access.  The employee will have to use a different email for Member Portal access.

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