What can a parishioner see when they have access to the member portal?

This solution article will review what a parishioner can view and update in their Family Record when logged into the Member Portal.  

Main Family Page: When a parishioner logins to the Member Portal they will be brought to the main page of their Family Record only. On this page the parishioner can edit their family and contact information such as their Name, Salutation, Status, Address, Email, and Phone Number.  They can also click on the Members, Mailing Address, Pledges and Contributions tabs to edit and view additional information.  

Note:  The family note box is for parish use only and cannot be viewed or edited by the parishioner. This box will be grayed out and show three asterisks *** as displayed in the screenshot below.

Members Tab:  The parishioner can add new member records by selecting  New Member. Clicking on the members' names will allow parishioners to open their individual record. They'll be able to  edit their name, contact information, address, add busy weeks, and add information found within the Miscellaneous tab. Parishioner can only view information within the Committees, Sacraments, and RE History tabs. 
Note:  Home address can be used to record a different address than what is in the Family Record. For example, a member might be away at college, in the military, or temporarily living in a different address.

Mailing Address Tab:  The parishioner can change the Mailing Address (and/or Alternate Mailing Address) in the  Mailing Address tab. To do this, they'll need to uncheck the box next to " Mailing Address", edit the address found at the top of their record, then click Save.  To add/edit the Alternate Mailing Address they will need to check the box and make the changes.

Clicking on the  Pledges or  Contributions tab will allow them to see any pledges or contributions they have made in the last 2 years. They will not be able to make changes to their pledges or contributions.

If the family member clicks on their name and then the Scheduling tab, they may view their individual ministry schedule or the entire schedule. 


If your church has set up the payment link for online giving, then the member can go to the Donate tab and click on Subscriptions and the family will be brought to the parishes online giving form.

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