What can a parishioner see when they have access to the member portal?

This solution article will show you what a parishioner can access and update in their Family Record as well as what they can see when they are logged into the Member Portal.  

When a parishioner logins to the Member Portal they will be brought to their Family Record.  The family can update any of their family information, select contact preferences, and adding new members and alternate mailing addresses by clicking on the Member or Mailing Address tabs.  Clicking on the Pledges or Contributions tab will allow them to see any pledges they may have made and view contributions that they have made in the last two years.  They cannot make any changes to their pledges or contributions.

Note:  Members who are logged into the Member Portal cannot see any notes that were entered by the church staff.

If a family clicks on New Member a pop box will appear asking them to enter the new member's First Name.  Once they enter the name the Member Information screen will appear and they can add member information, select contact preferences, include alternate Mailing and Work Addresses.  If the member is a member of a committee that uses the ministry Scheduling module the member can input their Busy Weeks by clicking on the Busy Weeks tab.  The member can view onlyCommitteesSacraments and RE History tabs.  They can also input and/or update any information found in the Miscellaneous tab.  

Under the Religious Ed (This has been temporarily removed until the RE Enhancements have been released) tab families will be able to register and pay for their child's religious education classes.  This function is currently being built and will be available in 2020.  For more information on this enhancement please visit our enhancement platform by clicking on the Suggestion tab while logged into Gabriel.  "Online Registration and Payment via Member Portal #87741"

If the family member clicks on their name and then the Scheduling tab they may view their individual ministry schedule or the entire schedule. 

If your church has set up the payment widget for online giving then the member can go to the Donating tab and click on Subscriptions and the family will be brought to your online giving form.

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