Level Maintenance (Step 1)

If you are new to using the Religious Ed Module, the first step in setting up your program is creating levels. Level Maintenance allows you to set up all the grade levels that are currently in your Religious Ed Program. It will also define the level your students will be moved to when you promote your students at the end of the year. 

Note:  If you are setting up your Religious Ed Module after a conversion for the first time, and you have historical data that was brought over, your procedure is slightly different. Gabriel will bring over all your grade levels into Level Maintenance, however, the next levels are left blank. You will need to add these to Level Maintenance. PLEASE DO NOT PROMOTE CLASSES UNTIL LEVEL MAINTENANCE IS COMPLETED.

Please see the screenshot below for an example as to how you might set up Level Maintenance for your Religious Ed program.

Important NoteWhen creating Level Maintenance create the oldest grade level first.  Creating the list out of order will result in errors when you go to make any edits. Additionally, you will need to use the same Level as shown in the screenshot above. For instance, the Level for 1st grade needs to be 1, but your description can be whatever you'd like.

Click on Religious Ed via the top navigation bar and select Level Maintenance
To add a level/grade, click on New Level
  • Level defines the levels/grades to be used in creating the religious ed classes. The Levels need to be as shown in the screenshot above (i.e. 1 for 1st grade, 2 for 2nd grade, etc). This "Level" field is the same data you'll enter into the Committee Position when manually adding your students to the committee.
  • Description you can get a little more creative with your class descriptions and use whatever wording you prefer to describe each of your grade levels. 
  • Next Level defines the next level your students will be promoted to upon completion of the current year. For example, if you are setting up Grade 1 then the Next Level you would choose would be 2nd Grade, and so on.  
  • Religious Education Email defines an email that is to be used that is different than the Religious Ed email defined in the Administrative Tab > Religious Education Maintenance. This field is optional, therefore if no email is defined in this field then the default email would be the Religious Ed Email. 
    • Example: If you create a level and add an email in this field, such as kindergarten@gs.demo (as used in our screenshot above), this is the email address the email will be sent from. This will allow any responses to the emails to go directly to the kindergarten teacher.  
  • Student Fee is the amount your parish charges for that particular class. This field can be edited if your fee amount changes.
  • Sacrament is where you would indicate that this class ends with the conferring of a sacrament typically First Communion or Confirmation.
Note:  Reconciliation is not provided as a Sacrament to record due to Canon Law restrictions.

Click Save. Once you have entered all your levels/grades you can now head over to Committees and you can enter all your Aides, Students and Teachers.

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