Adding Aides, Students, and Teachers To Religious Ed Committees (Step 4)

This article will explain how to add Aides, Students and Teachers to your Religious Education Committees. This can be done from within the Member Record or Committee Maintenance. When adding large amounts of aides, students, and/or teachers, it's quickest to add them via Committee Maintenance as this avoids the need to search for each individual member. 

If you are using the Online Registration Form, students will automatically be added to the committee. If there are students who do not register using Online Registration, you can manually add them to the committee using the following instructions.

Adding from within Member Record

Click on Families via the top navigation bar and select Member Search
Once you locate the  Member's Record click on the  Committees tab, then click the New Committee link in the bottom left of the screen

Tip: To open the family record, open the family icon located to the left of the Member Information tab.
In the pop up, click on the drop down arrow in the Committee Field to see a list of all your committees. Choose the correct committee for Religious Education Aides, Students, or Teachers. For Aides and Teachers this is the only field you will have to fill in. 

Click  Save once you are done. If you are entering Religious Education Students proceed to the next step.
If you are entering Religious Education Students you must fill in the Committee Position field. This field must  match exactly with the column labeled  Level in the list that you created under Level Maintenance (look at the screenshot below for reference). You will not see anything in the drop down for the Committee Position field, you must enter it in manually.  Once you have added all your students to the Religious Education Committee and have assigned them to the correct level you are now ready to create all your classes.

Important Note: USE THE LEVEL FIELD WHEN ENTERING COMMITTEE POSITIONS FOR STUDENTS. If you do not enter the Committee Position correctly your students will not show-up in the drop-down lists when you begin to create your classes. 

Adding Through Committee Maintenance

Click on  Committees via the top navigation bar and select  Committee Maintenance 
Select the committee where you wish to add or edit members by clicking on the committee name. 

The following screen will appear when you open Committee Maintenance. This screen is very helpful when adding a number of members to committees.

Note:   If you are adding students from another parish within your cluster/collaborative please refer to the following article: Multi-Parish Religious Education.  You will want to select  Multi-parish prior to adding a teacher/aide or student from another church (see screenshot below). By clicking on this box it enables you to grab teachers/aides or students from another church. Once you have added all your aides, students, and teachers to the proper committees you are ready to create your classes.

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