Adding Comments to a Religious Education Students Record

This article explains how to add comments to Religious Ed students' records, where to view these comments, and how to add Member PRM Notes.


  1. Adding Comments
  2. Viewing Comments
  3. Adding Member PRM Notes Manually
  4. Member PRM Notes Added through Online Registration
  5. PRM Reports

Adding Comments

If you would like to add comments to a students record we suggest entering all comments in the Student Comment Box. Comments can include information about learning disabilities, custody issues, nicknames, emergency contact information, allergies, dismissal information, etc. All comments entered into the Comment Box can only be viewed by people who have access to the Religious Ed Module.

We suggest you develop a standard for writing comments and entering them in a specific order. Developing standards that the entire Religious Ed Program knows and understands will ensure that the student information is readily available when needed. 

For example, the student's nickname could be designated as  NN: Joey  or  (Joey). Likewise, the emergency contact info can be designated as  EC: Grandmother Susan Lindt - 508-444-6666.  
Click on  Religious Ed via the top navigation bar and select Class Maintenance. Then, select the desired student's class by clicking View, and click the Students tab.

To enter a comment, click on View next to the student's name, and a pop-up box will appear. Enter any comments that are relevant to the DRE, teacher and/or teacher aide. Lastly, click save. 

Note: Pulling down on the corner will enlarge the viewing screen so you can see your entire entry.

Viewing Comments

Comments can be viewed in the Class List  and Class Download reports, as well as on your screen when the class is opened in  Class Maintenance

Class List Report

Comments are found in the Student column of the Class List report.

Class Download Report

Comments are found in Column U of the Class Download Report.

Class Maintenance Screen

To view comments through the Class Maintenance screen, select  Religious Ed > Class Maintenance > Open class by clicking on View > Students tab.

Adding Member PRM Notes Manually

In addition to student comments, you can also add sensitive comments via Member  PRM Notes. Locate the student's member record and click on the PRM tab. 
Note: Member PRM Notes will not show up in the Class List or anywhere else in the Religious Ed Module. Member PRM notes only appear in the PRM tab within the family and member records.
Important Note: If you do not have full administrative rights, do not mark a note as Private as this will limit your ability to view the PRM note. 

Note: The white exclamation point enclosed by the red circle under the  Contacted Via column indicates that the note is private.

Member PRM Notes Added through Online Registration

A Member PRM "Religious Ed Contact" Note will be created for the information included in the Emergency Contact section of the RE Registration form. Additionally, a Member PRM "Religious Ed Note" will be created for any information included in the Note textbox. 

PRM Reports

There are 3 reports that are helpful in displaying PRM Notes so they're easy to read. You can locate all of these reports by going to Reports > Report Library then scrolling down to the PRM Notes section. You can download these reports as a PDF, Microsoft Excel file, or Microsoft Word doc.

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