Multi-Parish Religious Education

This article will explain how to add a student from another parish within the cluster/collaborative and/or community.

When you log-in you will have access to a number of parishes that you are currently linked to as part of your cluster/collaborative.  Click on the parish where your Religious Ed Class will be.  For this example we will be setting up the Religious Ed class in  St. Mark and we are grabbing the student from Sacred Heart Parish.

To add a student from another church scroll to  Committees > Committee Maintenance > and choose your Religious Ed Student Committee by clicking on the name.

On the  Save Button Menu click the down arrow and select option Multiparish.  This will give you the ability to see all members in ALL of the parishes that you have access to.  In this case it is Saint Mark, Saint Mary and Sacred Heart.

To begin adding the students to your  Religious Education Student Committee begin typing the last name until you see the student you wish to add.  Select the students name. 

Once you select his name you will want to enter his current grade in the field  Position.  Click Save.  He is now added to your Religious Education Student Committee.  Once all the students have been added they will now show up in the Class Maintenance drop-down lists and can be added to classes like any other students.   Adding/Editing and/or Deleting Students from a Class

Note:   This Student Position field must match exactly with the column labeled  Level in the  list that you created under Level Maintenance. Creating your levels with a simple entry will help you to add students to the correct Committee Position quickly and without errors.  DO NOT USE DESCRIPTION WHEN ENTERING COMMITTEE POSITIONS FOR STUDENTS.  If you do not enter the Committee Position correctly your students will not show-up in the drop-down lists when you begin adding them to your classes.
Note:  Parishes that are clusters/collaborative and using the Multi-Parish functionality must have the same levels setup.  

To view the student that you pulled from Sacred Heart to St. Mark's after being added to the class you will want to select  My Parishes to look across the parishes that you have access to.

Once you located the correct family you can click on  Family Name to view the member records.

Note:  At this time when viewing the Member Record in the student's original church (in this case Sacred Heart) it does not show committee participation or RE History in other parishes (in this case St. Mark's).  An enhancement is being done for this.  You would have to view the student's record from the church that they participated in for the RE Program.

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