Recording Student Absences

You can record absences for Religious Ed students by doing the following:

Click on Religious Ed via the top navigation bar and select  Class Maintenance.
Open the class that the student currently resides in by clicking View. Then click on the  Student Tab to see a list of the students.
Click on  Absent to the right of the student's name and the  Add Absence popup box will appear. In this screen you can change the date, add a comment, and mark an absence as excused. Click  Save.

    You are able to do the following within the Absences tab of a specific class:
    1. View the list of current year absences for the class you are clicked into
    2. Add absences by clicking on the Add Absence button in the bottom left of your screen
    3. Edit absence entries by clicking View
    4. Delete absence entries by clicking Delete

To generate a report for absences within your Religious Ed Program go to  Reports > Report Library > Religious Ed > RE Absence Report. This report accepts parameters for class start date, level, classes and date range for absence date. Shows student name and Family Name and Telephone Number

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