Creating Religious Ed Fees Fund and Entering Annual Fees and Payments

This solution article will explain how to create a Religious Ed Fund and how to enter annual fees and payments.  

Important NoteIf you are going to generate Religious Ed billing statements, then you will need to create a new fund each year. 
Note:  The functions described in this solution article are typically done by the Bookkeeper and/or Parish Admin.  If this is a function of the Religious Ed Office, you may need to obtain access to the Fund Raising Module.

For generating the Religious Ed billing statements please click on this link Generating Religious Ed Billing Statements


  1. Creating the Religious Ed Fees Fund
  2. Entering Religious Ed Fees
  3. Entering Religious Ed Payments

Creating the Religious Ed Fees Fund


Click on  Fund Raising via the top navigation bar and select Fund Maintenance.

Note: You may require additional access rights for the Fund Module.  Please contact your Parish Administrator.  

Click  New Fund. Enter a Fund Description and be sure Active is selected in the drop-down menu. The From and To Dates are optional. The remaining fields are typically used when running a Capital Campaign and/or Annual fund drive.

Note: If this fund becomes obsolete you can change the status to  Inactive and it will be moved to the  Inactive Tab under  Fund Maintenance.  

Click  Create. Your fund will now appear in the Fund Maintenance screen.  
While the "From Date" and "To Date" fields are optional, we suggest you use the same dates defined within the Class Maintenance Screen.

Entering Religious Ed Fees


Click on  Fund Raising via the top navigation bar and select Fund Maintenance. Then, open your current year's "Religious Ed Fees" fund. 


Select the Active Pledges tab and click on New Pledge. You will see an Add Pledge pop-up box appear. Type in the Family Last Name in the Family field and select the desired family from the drop-down. Then enter the Total Fee for the Family and select One-Time for the frequency.  Comments can be used to indicate Monthly Payments, Online User, Paid-In-Full, Family Discounts applied etc. Finally, click Save.

Note:  Other frequencies can be used, but we suggest using the One-Time frequency for Religious Ed fees The other frequencies are typically used when the parish is running a capital campaign or annual fund drive where the parishioner is making a pledge and/or annual commitment over a long period of time.  

Entering Religious Ed Payments


You can also enter Religious Ed Payments by creating batches or by entering contributions directly into the Religious Ed Fees fund itself.  

Note:  You may want to contact your Bookkeeper/Parish Admin or Pastor to see if they have a preference as to how you enter your Religious Ed Payments.  

To view payments go to the Contributions tab in while in the Religious Ed Fees fund you created. You can also view payments from families when looking at their Family Record.

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