Generating Mailing Labels from the Excel Download

This article will explain how to generate mailing labels from the  FamilyMember or Committee records.

Generating The Data Source

The first step in generating mailing labels is to generate the data source by downloading the  FamilyMember or Committee records. Click here to learn how to do this.

Microsoft Mail Merge To Create Labels

 Open a new Word document.  Be sure it is set in Portrait mode.  
 Go to  Mailings and select  Step by Step Mail Merge Wizard from the Mailings drop-down menu as shown below. The Mail Merge wizard will open a window on the right. 
 Click on the  Labels button.  Go to the bottom of the Mail Merge box and click  Next: Starting document.
Go to  Label Options and a label option box will pop-up.  Select  30 per page and be sure to select the label that has the  height of 1" and the width of 2.63 on 8.5" x 11" page size.  This is the standard 30 per page label. Next: Select Recipients.
Now you are going to select your  Data Source document that you downloaded from  FamilyMember or  Committee records.  This is the file that contains the  Family or  Member names and  addresses that you will be using to create your mailing labels. You are going to use an existing document and you will click on Browse... A select data source box will pop-up.  You will now have to locate where you saved the file and you will have to know the name of the file you are looking for. Once you find it and select you will click  Open

Note: If you are using the Member download you will look for the name members and if you are using the Committee member download you will look for committees report.

 If a Select Table box appears, be sure the correct table (Excel file) is selected and click  OK.
 Mail Merge Recipient List will pop-up.  If you did not sort your file when you downloaded this is where you can refine your search and select only those who you want to create mailing labels for. If you want to filter out certain parishioners click on  Filter  or   Sort  when the Mail Merge Recipient box pops up. 
Click on Step 4 of 6 and arrange your labels.  Be sure your cursor is set in the Upper Left Box (the blank box).  Click on  Address block  and the  Insert Address Block  will pop up.  
You can see in this particular example the label contains all the correct fields for a mailing label.  If it was missing the address you would click on the   Match Fields Box and select the field that was missing and hit  OK.  If your label looks correct hit OK and click the   Update all labels  box.  If you do not hit this button and you go to the next step the remaining labels will not populate.
A common request is to add the Budget number to the mailing label.  Place your cursor in the first line prior to adding the Address Box and click on   More  items.  Select  Budget  and hit insert.  Move your cursor to the next line and click on the  Address Block .  Click Update All Labels .
 Complete the merge (this creates all your labels) and click on  Edit Individual Labels.  A merge to a new document box pops up.  Select   All  and hit OK. A new word document has been created with all your labels. The final step would be to   Save As (name the file and be sure you know where you saved it to). This label file has been permanently saved and you can edit the file as you would any other word file.

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