Adding Busy Weeks (Step 4)

Busy weeks allow you to define days that the ministers are not available to serve. If a member has a busy week added, GabrielSoft will not automatically assign them to the schedule.

Note: While GabrielSoft will not automatically assign the member to the schedule when they have a busy week entered, users still have the ability to manually assign these members to the schedule. When a user manually assigns someone to the schedule, it overrides any busy week that may have been set in GabrielSoft.

To specify when Members will be unable to serve, open the member record and select the Busy Week tab. Click Add and the following pop-up box will appear.  

1.  The date range can be selected by selecting the Sunday as the to and from dates.  The scheduler assumes the minister will be unavailable for the whole weekend.  

2.  The Description is an optional field.  If you choose to include a description then this will be reflected when the Busy Weeks Report is generated.

Note: Busy Weeks that were assigned when the minister was scheduled will contain the name of the committee in the description field. Busy weeks that were entered by the administrator will either be blank or contain a short description.

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