Ministry Scheduling - Generating the Schedule

Generating The Schedule

The schedule can be generated using the the one step process or the two step process.  If you need to add manual assignments then you will need to do the two step process. 

Generating the Grid:  If you have special circumstances where you want to manually assign ministers to a specific week and/or a ministry slot for any mass then you should do the two-step process and generate the grid first.  Scroll to Scheduling > Generate Schedule in the drop down menu.  The following popup box will appear where you will type in the the dates parameters, check Generate Grid and then Save.
Note:  It is important to note that our service weeks are from Saturday to Friday.  To ensure you get the entire weekend select Saturday as your start date and Friday as your end date.

When the grid is finished generating you will see all the ministry slots that will need to be filled. 

To manually add a minister to the slot click View.  The edit service assignment box will pop up and where you will be presented with a list  of ministers.  Select the minister you would like to manually assign.

Tip:  When manually assigning ministers to specific slots every minister that is listed in the committee will show in the drop-down menu.  Manually assigning members does NOT take into account any Busy Weeks that they may have for the date you are adding them to.  The Member Busy Week report is a good report to generate and have handy when doing manual assignments so you can verify they are available. 

To delete a spot click on Delete.  This allows you to remove a slot for a specific day and mass if needed without changing the services.  You can also create an extra assignment for a specific day and mass by clicking on Copy or Add Assignment.  Empty slots cannot be created when using either option, you have to assign a minister.

Generating the Schedule:  Once you have made all your manual changes it's time for Gabriel to do it's job of assigning members to the grid based on their availability and Mass preferences.  Enter in the exact same date range you did in Step 2 but this time you will check the Assign Members to Grid and leave the Generate Grid check box unchecked.  
Note:  If you check Generate Grid again it will wipe out your previous grid and delete all of your manual entries made for that date range.  

If you want to use the one-step process for generating your schedule because you do not have any manual assignments enter the date range and check both boxes - Generate Grid and Assign Members to Grid. 

When the schedule is finished generating go to Scheduling > View Schedule.   If you have to make any changes you can select View and change who was assigned to that spot.  You can also delete any slots or make a copy if needed.   

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