How can I quickly view if the family or members email notification boxes have been checked to receive emails?

You can utilize the Member Search function to quickly view all your members who have the email notification box checked. 

Click on Families via the top navigation bar and select Member Search.
Click Download to get a report on all your members.

Open the report and scroll to Receive Family Alerts (Column AE) and Contact by Email (Column AF). Filter both of these columns to only show records where the values are True. The records shown are those who have their notification boxes checked, and therefore will receive emails. Any member record who has a value of False in either column will need to update their record and check the notification boxes in order to receive emails.  

Please contact Customer Support for either of the following reasons:

  • For a Family Download report since the one within Family Explorer does not contain columns to verify that the notification boxes have been checked.
  • If you would like your family and/or member records updated to have the notification boxes checked. The notification boxes that will be checked are Contact by Email and  Receive Family Email Alerts.

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