What are the most common reasons for emails bouncing?

Bounced emails can happen for a number of reasons.  Listed below are some of the most common reasons.

  • Check for spacing.  Spacing is not allowed in email addresses.
  • An underscore, period, or dash within the prefix of the email address must be followed by one or more letters or numbers.
  • The last portion of the domain must be at least two characters. (For example, .org, .com or .cc)
  • There is no @ sign separating the email prefix and domain name.
  • Change of email address.  
  • General typo mistakes (extra characters included in the email address).  We see a number of emails followed by a note.  For example jsmith@test.com Home  This email will bounce.  If this is the home email entered in the family Record it is assumed that the email entered in this field is the family email so the note is not needed.
  • When listing multiple emails the correct formatting is to separate them with semi-colons.  Separating the emails with spacing and other words will result in bounced emails.

To check for email exceptions please run the Email Exception Report found in the link below.

Article Link:  Email Exception Report

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