Is there a way that the registration for new individuals can be a one-step process, rather than having them fill out some information and then have to follow up with them via email?

The goal of the online registration process is to capture the most pertinent information so that you can contact the family and go through your own on-boarding process.  Every church across all the Diocese's have their own unique process for onboarding. 

We suggest that when a New Register comes in you respond by using the Invite Families option which allows you to send a customized note to welcome them and invite them to the Member Portal. (How to Invite Parishioners to the Member Portal) This note can include attachments and/or links (perhaps a detailed census form).  By inviting your parishioners to the member portal, they will be able to do many functions which overtime will save the Parish time and money. Please reference this Solution article to understand what the parishioner has access to when they login to the Member Portal.  (What can a parishioner see when they have access to the member portal?)

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