What should the parish do when a family is assigned New Register status?

A typical process once the form is submitted might be as follows:

  1. A person fills out the form which contains the core contact information.
  2. The Parish administrator searches for the new family (it will have a status of New Register).  Note:  We suggest you check for New Register status on a regular basis so you can view any new registrations that are created.  The system does not send out New Register notifications.
  3. The new family record is reviewed to see if a Family Record already exists in the database and applicable Family Status assigned.  If the family already exists in the database and once it is updated with the new registration information then the New Register record can be deleted.
  4. The family can be invited to the Member Portal directly from the Family Record so that the parishioner can update the remainder of the family information (e.g. members, busy weeks, etc.).

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