What do you do when a single member or all members of the family are deceased?

There are steps to maintain the accuracy of your database after an individual member or all members of a family pass away.

Important Note:  Gabriel does not suggest that you remove the family by deleting the family and member records.


  1. Member Record
  2. Family Record

Member Record

When a member passes away, update their member record in the following fields:

Open the Member Record, scroll to the  Miscellaneous tab, and enter the  Deceased Date.

Change the  Member Status to  Deceased and click  Save
The following things will happen when you change a Member's Status to deceased and click Save:
  • The Member's Email and both Phone Numbers will automatically be removed from their respective fields. The email and mobile/cell phone number will be stored as a Member PRM Note, but the home phone will not.
  • The Email Notifications and Receive Family Alerts boxes will be unchecked.  
  • If the member was part of any committees they will automatically be removed and a notation will be made in the member's PRM Tab.

Family Record

If all members of a family are deceased change the Family Status to  Deceased. If there were any members in the family whose status was not Deceased, their status will automatically get changed to Inactive. To reflect the correct status, please manually change this within the member record.

You will need to manually remove the family's address, email, phone number, and uncheck Email (and Phone) Notifications boxes. The  Budget Numbers can be deleted and Has Envelopes may be unchecked as well. 

You will also need to go to the Family Tags tab and remove them from the Family Tag group by clicking Delete.

Note: When Annual Year-End Statements are generated, Gabriel will include anyone (regardless of current status) who has made a contribution during the date parameters and fund selections you have defined.  

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