Creating a New Fund

Creating A New Fund

Created by: Joanna Clausen

Modified on: Thu, Apr 1, 2021 at 11:27 AM

Before you can enter any contributions, process batches, run a Capital Campaign or collect Religious Education Fees you need a fund to enter your contributions, pledges, annual religious ed fees and payments into.

1.    Go to  Fund Raising > Fund Maintenance > New Fund

2.    A  Fund Creation pop-up will appear.

  • Fund Description:  Enter the name of the Fund.  This is up to the Parish or the Diocese to establish Fund Names.  The name can be edited at any time. 
  • If you are creating a new fund leave the default fund status as Active.


Tip:  If you are no longer using a fund you can set the fund to a status of Inactive.  The fund will then be moved to the Inactive Funds list which you can see under the Inactive tab. 

  • No Frequency - This allows you to set the frequency of the collection.  For example, if it was the Weekly Collection you can set the frequency as Weekly.  This field is optional.
  • From Date and To Date - This is used to define the date parameters of the fund. The From Date can define the earliest contribution entered and the To Date can define the last entries giving you an idea as to the timeframe of the contributions that were entered into the fund. This date can also represent the length of a Capital Campaign or Annual Fund Drive.
  • No Bucket - This field is used to group your funds into Buckets for Annual Statements. ( Using Buckets
  • Fund Goal - This field is often used when the parish is running a Capital Campaign or Annual Appeal and you would like to see a snapshot of the goal vs. contributions entered.  As you enter contributions the blue box will update.
  • Online Contribution checkbox - this field is used for churches who use Stripe for online collections.  Checking this box will display the fund in the Stripe drop-down for parishioners to choose what fund they would like their contributions to be applied to.  
  • Accounting:  These fields are used for our customers who use sage Intacct and have setup the integration. Setting Up The Integration With sage Intacct
  • Once you have entered all your information select Create and you are now ready to enter contributions for that fund. 

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