How to Unsubscribe A Parishioners Current Subscription or Delete a Parishioner from Payment Springs

If your parishioners do not have access to the member portal or they are unable to delete a current subscription from Payment Spring the Parish Admin can make these changes on behalf of the parishioner.  This solution article will provide instruction to either unsubscribe the parishioner from their current subscription or delete the parishioner from your Payment Spring portal. 

Log onto your Payment Springs Dashboard to get started. To locate the parishioner you would like to Unsubscribe or Delete click Customers in the navigation menu on the left.

To find the parishioner enter their name and click search.

Click on the parishioners name.

If the parishioner wants to unsubscribe from a certain plan/subscription select the Subscriptions Tab and select the plan/subscription you wish to unsubscribe.

Scroll to bottom and click on Unsubscribe.  After unsubscribing, you will receive a confirmation note and there will not be any new charges processed for that parishioners subscription.

If the parishioner wishes to be deleted from Payment Springs dashboard entirely select the Delete Tab.

Scroll down and click on Delete Customer.

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