How do I download family and member data?

You can easily download family and member data into a .csv or .xlsx file.  Navigate to either the  Family Search or the Member Search screen. Click Search and define the search criteria to get the data you want to download. (for all Active families press the Reset link) then press Download and select .csv or .xlsx from the drop-down field and give the file a name. 

Tip:  This file will come in handy when you might be doing a survey and need to upload emails to Survey Monkey or perhaps an outside mailing or even to send data to your budget envelope company to give them an update of active families. For churches that assign every parishioner a budget number but do not necessarily send every parishioner budget envelopes then you would want to sort for any families that have the value True in Column O (Has envelopes).  

Tip:  The family download file and member download file both contain a column is registered.  If the value is True then that family or member is registered in your church.  If you convert your file into a Table you can quickly search any column for the information you need.

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