Deleting a Member From a Committee

You have the ability to delete a member from a committee in two ways.  You can delete the member while in the committee or in the member record.

1.  Scroll to Committee > Open the committee by clicking on the committee name and then click  Delete on the member you wish to delete from the committee.

2. To locate the member you can scroll to Families > Family Search or  Families > Member Search. ( Using Family and Member Search )Once in the member's record open the members' record and scroll to the Committees tab > click Delete on the committee you wish to delete the member from.  Be sure to hit Save.

Tip:  Prior to doing any new search click Reset to clear any previous search criteria you may have defined previously. The family records will reset to all Active families. The member records will reset to all members regardless of their status 

Note:  When you delete a member from a committee it will create a note in the member's PRM tab.  If you wish to add more details to the note you can click on View and add additional notes.

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