Committee Maintenance Attributes

Committee Attributes can be assigned to committees for things like demographics or position - what type of members are on this committee?  Men, women, youth?  Ages 18-29, 30-64, President, Vice President etc. 
Committee Attributes with a system of GABRIEL can be used to classify your committees into categories. Values are then assigned to the attribute type to classify the committee within the attribute. The attributes and values can be a set of standardized descriptions that are defined at the Diocesan level or the parish level and are used to facilitate reporting at both the diocese and parish levels. For example, one could create two different attributes with Type as Demographics or Position. Values for the committee type might include:         
  • Type Demographic, Value Men             
  • Type Demographic, Value Women             
  • Type Demographic, Value Adult Young (18-29)             
  • Type Demographic, Value Adult (30-64)  
  • Type Position, Value President
  • Type Position, Value Vice President
  • Type Position, Value Treasurer
  • Type Position, Value Member

You can have as many attribute types on a committee as needed and once the Committee Attribute Type is established it is available to use on any committee.   Using the committee attributes defined above will enable the Diocese or the church to determine how many men or women are involved in ministry, who holds the position President in each committee etc.

A parish/diocese can setup a Committee Attribute type Position as shown in the example above. If these positions are added as an attribute then when you add a member to a committee this list of positions will show in the drop-down menu as shown in the screenshot below.  This will allow for consistent entries of positions across all committees.  For example, Vice President can be added as VP or V-President or Vice President.  To prevent multiple position names from occurring we suggest you add your positions by selecting Add Position under the Attributes Tab.

To add a Committee Attribute click on the Attributes Tab and the Create Committee Attribute box will pop-up.  Select System Gabriel.  Enter the the Attribute Name and the Attribute Value and click Save.  This attribute will be listed as an attribute within the committee in which you are adding it to.  If the attribute was already created and you want to add it to another committee as you start typing the Attribute Name and Attribute Value you will see the name appear in the drop-down.

Note:  Committee Position and Term (To and From Date) are now available in the Committee Download.  To get a list of all committee positions simply click on the Download button at the top of the Committee Maintenance screen.  (Downloading Family, Member, Family Tags and Committee Member Records)  Columns D will contain the Committee Position.  You can convert this report to a table and sort by Position.  (How do I convert an excel download into a table?)

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