Create Scheduling Committees (Step 1)

There are a few steps you need to take prior to actually generating the schedule. You will need to create your committees, add your service times, and add members to the committees. The first step is to create all of the committees that will be used in scheduling.

1) Click on Committees via the top navigation bar and select Committee Maintenance.

2) Select New Committee and a pop-up will appear.

  • Enter Committee Name - i.e. Eucharistic Ministers, Lectors, and  Altar Servers are the typical committees that are used in Scheduling.
  • Enter Committee Description - This field is required when you are creating Scheduling committees. The Committee Description is typically the same thing as the Committee Name. If you leave this field blank, then the "Committee Description" column will be blank when you go to generate the schedule.

  • The Yes/No drop-down is what signifies that this Committee will be used in Ministry Scheduling. Select Yes.

3) Click Save. Repeat these steps for all committees you wish to include in your schedule.

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