Committee Maintenance

Committees are a way of grouping members together for communication and organization. They give the Pastor and parish staff a quick way to reach out to parishioners. Some examples of committees include Bible Study Groups, Eucharistic Ministers, Finance Council, and Lectors. To get to Committee Maintenance, you'll want to go to Committees > Committee Maintenance through the blue navigation bar at the top of your screen.

Please read below and/or watch this Committee Maintenance Walk-Through to learn more :)


New Committee

To create a new committee:

1)Click New Committee found in the top-left of your screen.

2) A pop-up form will appear. 

Enter the Committee Name and Committee Description. These two fields are typically the same. 

Note: The Committee Description is required when the committee is used in the Scheduling module. If you leave this field blank, then Committee Description will be blank when you generate the grid and schedule.

The Yes / No drop-down is used to signify whether or not this Committee will be used in Ministry Scheduling

3) Click Save. The Committee is now created and will appear in your Committee Maintenance screen.

Note: You are able to change the Committee Information at any time by selecting the Committee Name from your Committee Maintenance screen.

Then, open the Committee Information tab and edit what you desire. Remember to click Save.

To delete a committee, select the Delete button that's shown in the screenshot above.

Adding and Deleting Members to/from Committees

You can add and delete members to/from committees via the Member Records or Committee Maintenance.

Tip:  If you are adding or deleting committee members in bulk, the quickest way to add them is through the Committee Maintenance. This is because you avoid having to search for each individual member.

Through the Member Record

To add or delete members to/from the committee through the Member Record:

1) Click on Families via the top navigation bar and select Member Explorer. Search for the member you wish to add or delete to/from a committee, and open up their record.

2) Select the Committees tab within the Member Record. If you wish to add a member to a committee click New Committee and follow Step 3 below. If you wish to delete a member from a committee, scroll to Step 4 below.

3) A pop-up screen will appear. Select the Committee that you wish to add the member to, and add data to the additional fields if necessary. Click Save.

Note: You are not able to create new committees from this screen. You are only able to add members to committees which have already been created.

Committee shows you a list of Committees that are already created. 

Note:  A parish/diocese can setup a Committee Attribute type Position. If these positions are added as an attribute, then the list of positions will show in the drop-down menu as shown in the screenshot below. This will allow for consistent entries of positions across all committees. For example, Vice President can be added as VP, V-President, or Vice President.  To prevent multiple position names from occurring we suggest you add your positions under the Attributes Tab. 

Please click HERE to read more about setting up attributes.

Start and End Date is used to indicate a member's term on a committee.

Preferred Service, Family Schedule, Month Week, Max Per Month are fields tied to the Scheduling Module. If this is a Member/Committee that will be used in the Scheduling module please refer to this solution article that will explain how the fields are used.

Year is used to define the year the member joins the committee.  This will help to track how long a parishioner has been on a committee.

4) To delete a member from a committee, simply select the Delete button next to the committee you wish to delete the member from.

Through the Committee Maintenance

To add and delete members to/from committees via the Committee Maintenance:

1) Click on Committees via the top navigation bar and select Committee Maintenance.

2) Select the committee by clicking on the committee name where you wish to add, edit, or delete members. 

3) The Member tab will appear when you open the Committee (see screenshot below). To add a member, begin typing either the First or Last name and select the member from the drop-down. You may need to fill in the remaining fields depending on the committee you are adding the member to (refer to Step 3 in the section above). Remember to Click Save.

To edit a member's committee record, select View next to their name. Similarly, to delete a committee member from the committee, select Delete next to their name.

Send Message

In order for members to receive messages that are sent through the Committees module, they must have their Member Email Notifications box checked, and a valid member email address listed.

To send a message to all members in your committees, check the box next to the Committee Name heading.

To send a message to one committee or multiple committees, first check the box(es) next to the committee name(s), then select Send Message

Note: You can also send a message from within the committee itself. You'll want to open up the committee by clicking the committee name. To send a message to all committee members within the specified committee, check the box next to the Full Name heading. To send a message to specific committee members, check the box(es) next to their name(s), then select Send Message.


The boxes as described in the Send Message section above will work in the same manner for Downloading. The only difference is that you'll want to select Download rather than Send Message.

After you click Download, a pop-up box will appear. The dropdown allows you to download the file as a .csv or a .xlsx. (A file downloaded as a .xslx will allow you to format your download as a table and it will keep this format.) The default name of the downloaded file will be "committees". You have the option to rename the file prior to actually downloading it.

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