Committee Explorer

Committee Explorer works in a very similar way as Family Explorer does. The main difference is that committees and their members are displayed rather than families. Just like in Family Explorer, within the Committee Explorer you are able to add/remove fields to this screen, you can reorder these fields, sort & filter them, as well as create a favorite layout. Please reference the Family Explorer article to see how you can navigate through the "Explorer".


Send Message

To send a message to all members in your committees, simply click Send Message. (By not checking any boxes, you are telling GabrielSoft ChMS to grab all members that are in a committee.) 

To send a message to one committee member or multiple committee members, first check the boxes next to their name(s), then select Send Message


The boxes as described in the Send Message section above will work in the same manner for Downloading. The only difference is that you'll want to select Download rather than Send Message.

After you click Download, an Excel file will automatically download into your Downloads folder and be given the name "CommitteeExplorer.xlsx".

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