Member Search

To get to the Member Search, go to Families via the top navigation bar and select Member Search.


  1. Search
  2. Reset
  3. Send Message
  4. Download


To search for a particular member, select Search found in the top-left of your screen.

You'll then see the  Member Search pop-up appear. You can define your search parameters and click Search to view the results. 

Pro-Tip: You're able to search on Birthdate within Member Search. This allows you to search for a specific age group.
Note: Click Reset to clear any search criteria you may have previously defined. The Member Search will reset to All Statuses who are in the parish you are currently logged into. Also, the default language is English so if you want to search on a different language, you have to manually change this.
After you click search, the number of members that match your search parameters will be displayed in the bottom-right of your screen. This is where you can find the total number of members at your parish, or the total number of active members, etc.


Each time you go to your Member Search screen, the list of members that appear will be based on whatever your previous search parameters were. For instance if you previously searched on Inactive members, this same list of members will appear the next time you go to Member Search unless you clear these parameters. To easily remove any previously set search parameters, select Reset.

Send Message

To send a message to all members that match your search parameters, simply click Send Message. (By not checking any boxes, you are telling GabrielSoft ChMS to grab all the members that meet the criteria you set.) 

To send a message to one member or a specific group of members, first check the boxes next to their names, then select Send Message

By checking the box next to the word Status, you will be selecting all the members that are displayed on the page you're currently on. 


The boxes as described in the Send Message section above will work in the same manner for Downloading. The only difference is that you'll want to select Download rather than Send Message.

After you click Download, a pop-up box will appear. The dropdown allows you to download the file as a .csv or a .xlsx. (A file downloaded as a .xslx will allow you to format your download as a table and it will keep this format.) The default name of the downloaded file will be "members". You have the option to rename the file prior to actually downloading it.

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